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L2 Tale currently offers three servers:

L2 Tale Rarytas
The l2off Glory Days server
The firstborn project, created after team rejoined L2.

L2 Tale Rarytas Essence Full Idle
The l2j Essence server with exclusive Discord offline play and character control.

L2 Tale Vestige
The Vestige Tale project is an overhaul of Lineage 2.
Reimagining and reworking existing content with additions from Qualify of Life to new features.
The content will be introduced in stages.

We aim to provide long term, non-P2W servers, with low-mid setting to discourage unhealthy game styles.
The servers will be online indefinitely with continuous development work.

Glory Days server currently provides dynamic rates and boosted players PvE power.
We target to make possible a group gameplay without having to build big constant parties.
The PvE boost scales with actual online.
At quiet periods you can solo even more powerful bosses, but the most epic ones will always require at least few people (half of party) to kill.
This chronicle is mainly instance based.
This means most of time you will be fighting bosses.
Killing casual monsters is not profitable here as it was on older chronicles.

The game is mostly retail, few minor changes to help with progression.
Road to Awakening event is always active for every new player.
You can exchange your boss loot to buy any custom craft package (R/R90/R95/R99 grade weapon/armor/jewel).
It grants fair competition for every class as you don't essentialy need luck so boss drops gear you need.
Instances are limited per day(or more), to not extend your playtime in unhealthy way.

Donations are not available on this server!!!
The only thing not obtainable in-game is premium account - you can obtain it only from voting.

Open Beta date: 10.05.2023 20:00 GMT+0
LIVE date: 24.05.2023 20:00 GMT+0

This server has several customs to grant to swift, fluent and cruisy idle experience.
HP and MP regeneration skills are boosted so you can grind your way to top without pointless distractions.
The gear new character gets on start is boosting your regeneration to help to progress until your character grews it's own regeneration skills.
Rates are x1, and what is not stated below, is retail like.

You can put your character to Discord offline play, control and monitor it's progress from Discord directly.
This feature is totally free, so everyone can enjoy the game and keep going even when having busy days.

The server is mostly retail, with few exceptions.
The raids are remade to be more idle friendly.
After killing raid, it recharges your raid points to max.
Then, you can spend one raid point every day to purchase special items.

We keep up with recent trends in L2.
We want to promote respectful PvP-optional gameplay and reworked trading system to block RMT.
We are going further than official - the server is PvP-optional every day, all the time, instead only of chosen days.

Non-P2W donations are available on this server:
premium account and appearance.
Donations are not going to be available in Season 1.
Once Season 1 finished, the server will remain operating as-is as Realm of Infinity.
Season 2 will open on separate server and it will be eventually merged with Realm of Infinity.

Closed Beta date: Somewhere in September 2023
LIVE date: 03.12.2023 18:00 GMT+0